For Those About to Code


I can help you! I’ve recently kicked off the newest facet of my business, personal digital training web link. I’m taking the same approach to teaching as I did with design and development: learning by doing. I’m currently offering free sessions on a variety of subjects, but the most popular by far has been web development With so many sites… Read More »

Tutorial: Create a “My Favorite Things” Blog with Advanced Custom Fields


For this tutorial we will build a “My Favorite Things” blog by setting up custom field groups for each category, then add code to the single post template to display custom field data. What You Will Need A fresh installation of WordPress The Advanced Custom Fields Plugin A child theme based on WordPress’ Twenty Seventeen theme Step One: Setting Up… Read More »

Simplifying Content Management with Advanced Custom Fields


I’ll be presenting a workshop covering these case studies and doing a walkthrough of the process of adding Custom Fields and incorporating them into your theme on January 4th at the North East Ohio WordPress Meetup The Advanced Custom Fields plugin (ACF) has become an essential tool in how I set up a publishing workflow for self-service clients who aren’t… Read More »

Dr. Gitlove: Or How I Learned to Stop Using FTP and Love Source Control

How I Work

When I first learned WordPress and only had to manage one project at a time, usually with months or years between builds, I was content to do things in what I would now call the hard way (and others would say the Cowboy way). Since starting work as a full-time consultant, I finally had to refine my workflow in order… Read More »

An Accidental Career: How HTML Changed My Life


Last week I participated in the Hour of Code at a local middle shoool. I was tasked with assisting some classes with coding exercises provided by, and giving a career presentation. This was the first time I ever had to sum up my career in a non-interview setting, and for a much more hostile/indifferent audience: 6-8th graders. I did… Read More »

How to Like Me. Really, REALLY Like Me

Social Media

I’m going to anger the Zuckerbots with my inaugural blog post, because I’m going to write about how to hack your feed a bit, to see what you want to see. First off, today is my birthday! So I deliberately decided to wait to share my first blog post until today because of the prominence I know it will get. That’s not the… Read More »