I was put in touch with RootsAction, the nonprofit behind Impeach Donald Trump Now, via a friend I had worked on election integrity issues with while living in NYC. She was working with them as a copywriter and told me that they were in need of a new website, which was setup using WordPress’ generic TwentySeventeen theme.

After consulting with their website manager, I ascertained their front and backend needs. Overall, they wanted to put in place a strong, but simple design. On the homepage they wanted to give more prominence to their petition and highlight the amount of signers, and feature the “Case for Impeachment Pages”, advisory board members and most recent blog posts. Many of their pages contained lengthy amounts of text using a complicated manual process for adding footnotes, which they wanted to simplify. Lastly, they needed a better system for managing their Resource library, which consisted of links, PDFs, and videos.


First, custom post types were created for Advisory Board members and Resources. Then custom fields were added to those post types to match their data requirements. As with all of my WordPress sites, the goal was to keep my clients out of the code, so they can just focus on data entry and organization.

Customizer settings were created to allow them to control the header image and all of the text fields that accompany their impeachment form. Lastly, custom fields were added to attach related resources to the sidebar of any page, reducing the redundancy of their current setup which had them hard coded into the bottom of the content of pages all over the site.


The theme was custom built using the FoundationPress framework. The design was a collaborative effort between myself and the website manager, and was largely done in development with no flat compositions mocked up in Photoshop in order to expedite the creative process.

Before and After