I’m going to anger the Zuckerbots with my inaugural blog post, because I’m going to write about how to hack your feed a bit, to see what you want to see.

First off, today is my birthday! So I deliberately decided to wait to share my first blog post until today because of the prominence I know it will get. That’s not the kind of hack you can pull off all the time, but I have wondered what happens if you littered a status with phrases indicating a life event (birth, death, moving, career). I have a hunch that the Zuckerbots nudge those into more people’s feeds.

For example, last Friday I shared the news that I was quitting my job to start this new venture as a full-time consultant. It was one of those status’ that signified something big and positive enough that the likes (and “love’s” and “wow’s”) came pouring in, maxing out around 130.

That thread is just sitting there waiting for me to share this link on it, updating all of the commenters, and driving more traffic here! Add in the traffic from my birthday post, and I should have no problem getting a good portion of my social circle to like or follow the official BMD Interactive FacebookTwitterInstagram, and MySpace pages

And if you all do that, then I… win! Right?


Winning will involve getting my future posts in front of you. Even if you like or follow me, I’m still going to have to pay to play with the big brands. That is, unless, if I can convince you to take a few extra steps to ensure my content shows up in your social stream.

This isn’t about me.

Now maybe you don’t really care too much about the topics I’ll be posting on, that’s fine. I realize that some of you just want to throw a supportive like my way, but have no need for my interactive insights. However, I know for a fact that there are other small businesses, artists, or organizations whose pages do matter to you.

So here’s some very simple steps you can take to help the brands you love keep in touch with you, without having to pay for the privilege via paid promotions: